Vision Ventures

Experts in Machine Vision and Optical Metrology
Mergers & Acquisitions - Cross Border Transactions - Market Intelligence

Vision Ventures is an independent, owner-operated, internationally active M&A advisory firm focused on small and medium-sized enterprises in the fields of machine vision and optical technologies.

Our services range from strategy consulting via the identification and improvement of value drivers, especially during the preparation of business transactions, via market-based business valuation through to the end-to-end management of sell-side and buy-side M&A. Furthermore, we also prepare expert reports for investors on enterprise value, business plans and the market environment.

Our focus 

We specialize in the management of transactions involving small and medium-sized high-tech companies. Our industry expertise covers in particular the fields of machine vision, optical metrology and optical technologies for automation processes. Vision Ventures is at home in these markets. We understand the strengths and the applications fields of the technologies employed as well as their limitations, the different business concepts of the market players, the value drivers and the market dynamics. Our global network in these market segments is a decisive factor in successfully addressing the best strategic fits.

Vision Ventures is a boutique M&A advisor and management consultancy. Our success is built upon our market and industry expertise, our many years of experience with corporate transactions in this field and, last but not least, our ability to align the interests of buyers, sellers and investors alike.