Support for Interdisciplinary Center for Scientific Computing

Invited by the rector of Heidelberg University Gabriele Jansen has accepted the appointment into the Scientific Advisory Board of the IWR. The Interdisciplinary Center for Scientific Computing (IWR) pursues, since more than twenty-five years now, successfully its vision to develop mathematical and computational methods for science, engineering and humanities. By transporting mathematical and computational methods into different areas of application, the IWR naturally builds bridges across different disciplines. This interdisciplinary tradition is not only restricted to research, but it embraces also the education of the next generation of excellent scientists. Since its foundation, the IWR set out to advance international research networks and is still promoting scientific computing all over the world.

Affiliated to the IWR is the well-known Heidelberg Collaboratory of Imaging (HCI), an institution providing cutting-edge solutions for basic image analysis problems that arise in science and in industrial applications. It is a successful example of an "Industry on Campus" project.

“I am honored to have been asked into such a prestigious group of scientists from all over the world representing a wide scope of disciplines, and I am happy if my expertise can contribute to the success of the IWR”, so Jansen.


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